AND Appreciate Those Who Work to Serve Others

August 31st, 2014

Labor Day used to herald the beginning of the school year. In many northern climates, this is still the case. Our southern friends will have been back to school for nearly a month when Labor Day rolls around. Still, I associate the holiday with the beginning of school.

AND with thoughts of school come fond memories, musings, and gratitude for those who choose and have chosen teaching as a profession. Whether formally or informally trained, whether carrying the title teacher or not, many people dedicate as least a portion of their lives to the nurturance and development of others. Our ability to create and sustain a healthy society depends on their dedication to this work.

As we celebrate the opportunity to work, for those fortunate enough to have jobs, may we also pause to honor and celebrate all those in our lives who have served as teacher. Whatever our work in the world, the opportunity to bring the highest and best of who we are to make a difference in the lives of others in ways we find meaningful is a gift. AND Labor Day can serve as a reminder of that gift.

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