AND What Is True NOW

July 27th, 2014

In several conversations with clients this week, I was struck by the sheer pace of life experienced by so many people. Work deadlines, organizational changes, market shifts that make the predictability of the workplace increasingly challenging or overwhelming characterize the work worlds of many people today. AND home life isn’t much slower.

Reactions vary widely. Some people wear themselves down trying to be all things to all people. Others are preoccupied with what might happen, long before it happens, if it ever does. Still others are laughing and enjoying the craziness, as if it were a performance occurring for their amusement.

AND I find myself noticing again and again that any energy devoted to worry about what might happen is energy lost. Along with that lost energy is the lost ability to sit back, watch the craziness, and be able to laugh at what we humans seem to focus on to preoccupy our minds.

It’s true that the pace in the workplace and sometimes home life today is simply not healthy or sustainable. It’s also true that how we approach whatever is going on or is asked of us is a reflection of how present we are and how conscious we are about where we want to invest our energy.

Rather than getting mired in what might happen or how our worlds may change, or how someone else may respond to something we say or do, we might stop to ask whether any of these scenarios occupying our minds is actually happening anywhere besides in our minds. If so, we can deal with whatever is happening right now. If not, then investing in worry only causes us to miss whatever is happening NOW.

Today the sun was out, the water was beautiful, AND after I finished work, despite a long list of to do’s before tomorrow, I went for a walk. In that moment of NOW when immediate work obligations paused, I chose to respond to the invitation to enjoy some time outside on a beautiful day. The gift that comes from choosing to be present and responding to the invitation of NOW is perspective. Being present and detached from the wanderings of the mind clarifies what matters, highlights what is real, and serves as a reminder of the power each of us has to choose where and how to invest our precious energy.

AND focusing our energy on whatever is true in any given moment, rather than investing in the worries of what might happen or has already happened restores the opportunity to enjoy what is. Let’s not miss the present.

AND what is true NOW?

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