AND Separate Fiction from the Real Story

July 13th, 2014

I am fascinated by the power of a book or theatrical play to transport us to another world so completely that we forget any other reality, if only for a moment. The gift of attaching ourselves so quickly to the characters presented offers insight into our willingness to be sucked into others’ stories and to unconsciously make them our own.

What if the ease with which we live into whatever current story presents itself in our world is only the work of an unconscious mind, unaware of its own power to write another story?? What if the stories we tell ourselves about the roles of others, their stories and our story are only an illusion that we are unconsciously invested in perpetuating? How much less dramatic or traumatic might life be if we stopped to recognize our role in creating our own life story and then playing the part we have written for ourselves?

I wonder how much more empowering, satisfying, fulfilling, and joyful our lives might be if we stopped to consciously choose what stories we tell ourselves and others about who we are and what is possible? We are all great artisans, crafters of the lives we inhabit. If we are writing the story lines of our own lives instead of playing out unconscious parts in stories written by others for us, how might we cast ourselves differently?

It is time to step into the story of who we want to be, how we choose to feel in response to whatever we encounter in life, and where we choose to invest our previous energy. What is the true story of who we are and what we love? If we withdraw our energy from stories of victims and conquerors, worriers and rescuers, there will be plenty of energy available to tell the story in our hearts. AND these stories will inspire others to do the same.

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