AND Seize the Moment

July 6th, 2014

The sun was warm on my back as I walked the beach in the early morning. A cool and refreshing undercurrent of air gently brushed my skin, as I walked along the water’s edge. The sky was blue without any clouds. One man was fishing with two children. A few people passed by with a nod or smile.

The beauty of the beach with its overnight deposits of shells, several with creatures still inside, wrapped me in a moment of peace. The line from e.e. cummings’ poem, “as small as a world and as large as alone” played in my head. AND in the moment, which may have been several minutes, I felt my connection with the oneness of a universe to which all living creatures belong.

We often search for peace or joy. AND in the moment of connection with beauty that asks nothing of us, both may appear. For all of our earthy searching and preoccupation with how things look and what makes us happy, we often miss that the gifts we seek are present and easily accessible, awaiting only our willingness to be quiet, open, and present.

Being open means having no attachment to or expectation of how miracles show up. Being quiet means not trying to multitask or solve any dilemma while doing something else. It means being both free from the noise in our heads and attentive to our surroundings and heart in order to receive the gifts any given moment presents. AND being present means being fully engaged in the riches of the moment, with no attempt to assign meaning or affect the future.

Summer is a great time, as we take a bit more time to be outside, take vacations from our usual routines, and otherwise slow the pace, to truly discover the riches available to us in any given moment. No expectations, only our full attention. It’s like a vitamin or respite from daily busyness that can refresh us far beyond the brief moment of beauty that we allow ourselves to fully embrace. AND any of us can find a moment to take this kind of vacation to refresh the mind and renew our energy.

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