AND Create the Space

July 20th, 2014

The reminder to write a weekly entry for this blog travels with me wherever I find myself traveling for work. Whatever is going on, it is as if I have an alarm clock in my head reminding me that I need to have the entry ready for posting before early Sunday morning.

I am not someone who delights in making lists of things to do. If I do so, it’s to compensate for a memory that might fail me in making sure I naturally meet a deadline that I don’t want to miss. In those cases I will make a note and post the reminder somewhere on my desk. The reminder to write an AND entry sits prominently on the desk, encouraging me to write early.

Even as I write this, I chuckle to myself because I think back to childhood to at least two situations that would perpetually leave my mother perplexed. The first was when she would tell me in elementary school to just take time when I got home from school to do my homework before going out to play, I would have my homework done early and not be working into the evening. It never happened.

I also was required to practice piano a half hour each day until the following week’s lesson. My sister would dutifully do so. I, on the other hand, would have multiple half hours stacked up to practice on Saturday. Oh well…The pattern continues.

What I notice today is that it is less a matter of procrastination than of knowing that there will be a time when something strikes me that I would like to reflect on and about which I would like to write. Forcing that creative process into a box just doesn’t work for me. AND consciously choosing to both write a weekly blog entry AND write with ease means waiting for the moment when something hits me.

AND all of this means being aware that I will need to make the space in my calendar at several different times in a week to be able to go to the computer when something pops into my head. AND here is the thing that I find fascinating…whenever I make the space, I never know exactly when, an idea for an entry shows up with plenty of time to write it and have it posted by Sunday morning!

How much more fun might life be if we hold the clear intention for what we want to happen, stop forcing it, AND create the space for it to show up?

One Response to “AND Create the Space”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the tickle – I needed the reminder this week that I do not need to push

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