AND Ease into the Rhythms of Nature

June 22nd, 2014

Summer is a good time to recognize whether we are attuned to rhythms of nature or running at unsustainable and unnatural paces. I love to watch the waves break on themselves in storms or otherwise gently ease their way to shore, depositing whatever treasures they happen to be carrying at the time.

No matter what else is going on in the world, the tide comes in and six hours later it goes out again. And the cycle continues. In its own pace and at its own natural rhythm, the ocean displays its beauty for all to behold. At the same time it is a perfect illustration of following your own rhythm, unattached to anyone else’s reaction or response.

With schools out and summer vacations planned we are invited to vacate the world of work and busy minds to attune ourselves to the rhythms of nature. Lazy days of warm sun invite a slowing down, if only for a respite, to reevaluate how we are investing our energy on a daily basis. We are invited to join the table set before us and regulated by the natural world. AND it is a feast to behold!

With any luck, we will reassess the pace of our life, recognize the magic of a walk on the beach, treasure of a lone shell, splendor of a beautiful sunrise or sunset, music of the songbirds, and maybe chuckle at the quickness of the plovers running about the water’s edge. This time we choose the quieter rhythm and can be amused by all their flitting to and fro.

Here’s to vacations from the busy mind, world of performance, and unsustainable and usually unhealthy pace of our work lives. Here’s to time with friends and family or spent alone with nature—whatever fills the heart and warms the soul. And here’s to our reconnection with the rest of the natural world, not the one we create in our unconscious business and performance-based roles. Here’s to a lazy moment of being, just being—naturally.

Enjoy the summer

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