AND Choose For Now

June 1st, 2014

We seem to be in the middle of a major social transition. You can tell by listening to what people are discussing and the number of people whose work or personal situations are shifting faster than they feel ready to address. Topics of inequality and access to resources for those who feel and are marginalized in their places of work and wider society are appearing on the news and in print with increasing frequency.

Along the way, I hear people looking for how to feel solid and grounded when the winds around them shift. AND at the same time I hear people say things like, “For now I’ll just do…” AND I want to wave a flag and ask if they are listening to themselves because their own words reflect a wisdom worth noting for how to deal with transition—keep the focus on what can be done now.

When we unconsciously recognize that we don’t have all the answers and the world seems to be changing so fast we can’t find our place, we are more likely to give ourselves permission to not know what the new order will look like. AND when we acknowledge that things are not settled and we don’t have a sense where we will end up or how the situations in which we find ourselves resolve themselves, we often stay committed to doing something that gives us a sense of forward momentum. AND that sense is often conveyed in words like for now.

Recognizing that what we are about to do is unlikely to be an ideal solution to what we perceive as unsettling or unfamiliar, we take a step that actually recognizes what is good enough or doable at this time. Anything else would be wasted energy since no more complete path is evident to us.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could celebrate what is good enough? If we could recognize that the only step that is ever real is the one we are taking in any given present moment, we could feel good that we are taking some action, in the context of what we are trying to achieve in the long run, to move the needle forward? We might recognize that all living things, everything that grows and lives, do not fully create itself in one big bang. We tinker ourselves into existence all the time. AND each action taken now, towards what we want to create with our lives and with our energy, is an opportunity to tinker ourselves into whatever helps us realize our dreams.

With no attachment to how things unfold, we are able to wait for the winds of change to quiet in order to find the opportunities to live into the next best version of who we want to be. It takes patience and faith, along with the clarity of who we want to be and where we want to invest our energy, to sit back and watch for openings that support what we want. Rather than being swallowed up by the anger and fear that come with thinking that we are in control of the world around us and it is not going as we would wish, we can let go and watch for what we can do. AND we can feel good about whatever we choose for now.

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