AND Take a Stand

May 25th, 2014

As we celebrate Memorial Day this year, I find myself thinking about what it means to take a stand for what we believe. The courage of one’s convictions, willingness to take a stand for what may not be politically correct or aligned with the powerful, is within the reach of every one of us. The question is how committed we are to living the democratic ideals that value and welcome the contributions and voices of all of our citizens.

We live in a time where democratic ideals may be challenged by the choices, especially economic, that we make as a society. Taking a stand for ensuring greater access to individual and collective dreams, the pursuit of happiness, means challenging the status quo. As a country, we have fought wars and sent young women and men into countries to support principles of democracy.

Now is the time where we, as a nation, are challenged to do the same within our own boundaries. To challenge unhealthy systems and expose practices that marginalize the diverse voices that make this country rich requires that we recognize and value the contributions of all of our citizens.

Clear principles, a courageous spirit, and creativity are within the reach of all citizens. As long as we engage in a civil society and perpetuate the highest expression of democratic principles and values, we will remember what is important, what is worth taking a stand for, and who we have the potential to be, both individually and collectively.

So on this Memorial Day, as we honor all the brave souls who have gone before, may we also choose to engage our hearts and minds in taking a stand for the true values of democracy, where the lives, contributions, and voices every woman, man, and child matter.

Happy Memorial Day

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