AND Invest Wisely

May 4th, 2014

After several conversations with highly qualified and capable leaders, I find myself wondering what it would take for us to more consciously see ourselves as CEO’s—Chief Energy Officers of our own energy bank. We are the only ones who control who and what occupy our attention, or otherwise use up our energy. AND yet I hear so many people today describing their lives as busy and overly taxed, as if they were victims of others stealing their energy.

We are often hesitant to set limits with employers about what is reasonable to expect and achieve. Fears related to financial stability, stories we tell ourselves about our jobs being threatened if we don’t work around the clock, and unconscious identities we are afraid of losing—for example wanting to think of ourselves, and have others think of us, as responsible, reliable, or loyal—often cause us to make unhealthy decisions and then tell ourselves that we had no choice, robbing ourselves of vitality and energy to live the lives of our dreams.

What is it that causes us not to see the costs of our choices on our energy levels? We jump at extra work assignments and feel honored when asked to do more than our normal amount of work without calculating at what cost we say yes. We respond to past actions and future doubt without assessing the cost of investing energy, for example, in guilt or worry. What exactly can we change or remedy by investing in either response to any situation? Worry does not change tomorrow. Guilt does not change yesterday. Both are black holes for today’s energy, depleting the supply we would otherwise have to invest in people, emotions, and activities that bring things we seek, such as joy, peace, beauty, or health.

It is the job of each and every one of us to invest our energy in this lifetime in causes, people, emotions, thoughts, or experiences that we choose. So much so, that even when we tell ourselves that we are not choosing or we blind following others’ requests or demands of us, we are still investing our energy. When we do it unconsciously or unintentionally though, we are handing a valuable resource over to others, thereby giving our power and voice away with our energy.

As your own Chief Energy Officer, where do you want to invest your energy? What do you want back for that investment? When the answers to these questions are clear, there is no room for blame. The buck stops with us. AND we are totally qualified, when connected to our hearts and what really matters to us, to make really great investment decisions. AND regardless of past decisions, we get to replenish energy by investing wisely in the future.

Each of us recognizes a bargain. If investing one dollar in one activity causes you to go into debt and investing in another activity, person, or emotion returns tenfold the energy you invest, which one is worth the investment? Conscious investment of our energy allows us to live more vibrant and fulfilling lives, requires us to be present, and invites us to step into lives of meaning and contribution.

You and you alone control the energy in the bank. Invest it wisely.

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