AND Welcome Spring Cleaning

April 13th, 2014

It has been a long winter for many this year. Almost all of our snow is gone, with the exception of the remnants of huge piles of grey ice from the plows. Even if you love snow and winter, as I do, there comes a time when it is time to say good-bye to one season and welcome another.

Spring is such a rejuvenating time with birds returning to build their nests and flowers blooming. In the context of this new growth, spring is a wonderful time to sweep away the clutter, dust, and cobwebs. With spring cleaning, comes a willingness to look at what we want to polish and use again, what needs discarding, and what needs repair to welcome the growth, fullness, and vibrancy that spring can bring.

AND spring is a wonderful time to take stock of the (metaphorical) gardens that are our lives. Where are there old thoughts or emotions that have lain dormant and need attention? Which ones no longer serve us and will block our full blossoming if we continue to give them our light and attention? Which are the relationships with people, places, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that absorb our light and energy, effectively acting like weeds and strangling out the new growth that wants expression?

Spring is a new season, a time for re-birth and freshness. Now is a great time, before spring is in full swing, to tend to our respective gardens, consciously focus on what we want to grow more of in our lives and what we want to weed out. Spring cleaning can be energizing and life-giving, if we consciously choose to give it our full attention.
After a long winter, I welcome the opportunity to take stock and consciously choose what to grow into this year, and to release whatever is blocking a life of joy and beauty. Bring on the spring cleaning—I’m ready!

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