AND Support Their Dreams

March 2nd, 2014

 I have only watched the Olympics in brief spurts. Although many people are impressed by the big match ups, as in hockey, figure skating, and the like, my favorite moment so far was none of these. My favorite moment occurred when a Canadian coach ran out to a skier from another team whose ski had broken and fastened a new ski on the skier so that he could finish the race.

Such humanity reminds us that these games, like everything else in life, are not the real thing in and of themselves. Rather, they are the context in which greatness occurs. We recognize the athlete who performs well. We also celebrate those who demonstrate great courage in adversarial conditions, when we hear their stories. When we do, we connect with our own dream to make a difference, to do something great with our lives.

What I really appreciate in the story of the Canadian coach furnishing a ski to a competing team member is the beauty and power of those who help to make others great. For every story of those who are celebrated for reaching their dreams or accomplishing what our media report as great achievement, there are so many more who provide the love and support for those whose stories are well told. Whether these supporting people choose the roles of parents, teachers, coaches, friends, neighbors, or myriad other roles, they, too, have a dream and a story. They step into their best gifts in whatever way gives them a sense of contribution, when they help others to live into their dreams.

What would it take for us to see those in supporting roles as stars, worthy of gratitude and celebration? What would it take for us to value the quieter, yet equally important, contributions of those who work behind the scenes precisely because they come people who choose to live from the heart, use their gifts, and make a difference for those they serve?

If this week each one of us looks beyond the ones who usually get our admiration and respect to see, acknowledge, and thank one person who works behind the scenes for her or his contribution? How many people would simply smile and feel appreciated for being who they are and doing what they do to make our world better, fulfilling their dreams by helping others to do the same? AND what if, by appreciating them, we are supporting their dreams?

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