AND Live the Season You Are In

March 16th, 2014

Living in the northern part of this country, I am especially aware of the length of winter as we approach its waning months. Unlike many of my friends and family, I love this season. Despite the cold, the winter brings clear air and peaceful quiet. Fewer people are outside when the air is biting cold and winds blow. Yet nature continues to provide spectacular shows of beauty. The sunsets and sunrises arrive in full color against the snow and barren trees. The ice forms on the sand as steam lifts off the ocean to touch the horizon.

As winter moves to its waning months, the sun is warmer and feels glorious on my back and streaming through the windows. It is still cold and it still snows. That’s the season we are in. AND with each new day, a season winds down and early inklings of a new one begin. As I shoveled the snow in the last storm, four robins appeared and flew in and out of the bushes. It was a dance between a season in progress and a new one on the horizon.

The same is true for the seasons in our lives. Each one brings its own gifts and challenges. All offer beauty. If we weren’t so afraid of one season disappearing as another one approached, how much more might we appreciate and welcome whatever comes next?

Humans oddly want to hold onto the familiarity of whatever season we find ourselves living, even to the point of missing the current season because we fight to hold on to one that has long since passed. Like the four seasons of nature, there are seasons that are quiet and more reflective, others vibrant with new growth and color. I wonder how much more we might enjoy life if we spend no time anticipating, worrying about, or otherwise trying to control what the next season will bring and instead watch and notice what gifts arrive with no attachment to the form in which they appear.

The unfamiliar and new can be an invitation to step into another season and live into its promises and gifts. It can be a time of wonder and discovery if we choose to be present and simply notice what the season brings.

One Response to “AND Live the Season You Are In”

  1. carolyn says:

    Wow! So a few weeks on a cold dreary evening I was visited by a robin who found warmth fluttering around my living room! As I explored the meaning of the robin I once again came face-to-face with the message of change and stepping into new areas of growth that were appraoching. As always my body also sent a sign as the knee will no longer permit me to run long distances. Ah a new season in my life…watch out here I come!

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