AND Choose Health

March 23rd, 2014

I confess that when the discussion turns to health care in this country, I find myself exasperated. Our focus on removal of illness, even prevention of illness, still focuses on illness—not health

I wonder what it will take for us to recognize that we create our own level of health by the thoughts we entertain and choices we make for how we allocate our energy and time. We may have a family predisposition towards certain health challenges. The question is whether we entertain thoughts that direct us to worry about those illnesses occurring or convince us that we have no choice, the illness will appear. The alternative is to engage in thought patterns that acknowledge the family history and focus on making choices that strengthen our health in that area of predisposed vulnerability.

I know people have many different beliefs about the extent to which we affect the quality and experience of our lives. AND I am not intending to challenge those beliefs. Believe what you will. All I would like to do is ask that we consciously choose to focus on being healthy in thought and deed, making choices consciously about where to invest our energy every moment of every day AND then notice how healthy we feel.

Work and personal situations will challenge each of us to engage in fear and worry. If we consciously make health a screen or filter through we evaluate how we will think and act, we can stop the unconscious fear-response. We can instead use the health filter to ask ourselves whether obsessing about someone else’s behavior that we cannot change, or organizational dynamics that are purely political and sometimes less than ethical, will increase or decrease our quality of health and vibrancy.

AND when each of us chooses health, we can positively contribute to a healthier environment for others without attempting to change anyone else. Our health is our own purview. We get to choose healthy or unhealthy thoughts and practices. AND we directly benefit (or not) from our choices.

What I am saying here has nothing to do with health insurance or treatment of illness. This is purely about growing healthier lives. AND we can do so by choosing health when we consciously consider how to invest our mental, emotional, and physical energy.

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