AND Celebrate With Gratitude Those Who Touch Our Lives

March 30th, 2014

I marvel at the many gifts and lessons bestowed on us by members of the Greatest Generation, aptly named by Tom Brokaw. I am so grateful for those members who have played such a critical role in my life, teaching me something new about myself, life itself, and themselves in each new conversation.

What do I love and revere about the members of the Greatest Generation? Stamina, perspective, the wisdom of a life lived through the adversity of a world war and Great Depression, resilience, strength, sense of community–how to build one and sustain it, willingness to stand for principles, and openness to learning are some of the gifts I celebrate in members of this generation.

Every generation has its unique gifts and lessons to be shared. For me, this is the generation from which I have learned the most. And I have been more fortunate than some to have parents and extended family and teachers who have graced me with their love and insights through my adult years.

This week marks the birth of my godmother, a woman who helped me go to college, bought me my first two-wheeled bike (I still have it, restored by my Dad, and awaiting only a call from the Smithsonian to put it on exhibit), was there to celebrate every major milestone in my life, and continues to do so today. She never got to go to college, although that was her dream.

Typical of her generation, she has always found ways not to give up on one of the things attending college would have given her. She has chosen to be a lifelong learner–avid reader, Jeopardy fan, and great conversationalist because she both brings fresh interest and a point of view. As a result, I get to benefit from her insights and reflections each time we get to connect.  AND I get these gifts because she chooses to invest in things she loves, such as reading and learning.

AND behind the roles of godmother and aunt is also the person, with stories from every stage of life. For each of those stories shared the gift of more insights into the woman and life’s twists and turns reveal themselves. AND the beauty of a life through stories appears and sheds light on some of life’s lessons. Generosity begets gratitude and gratitude warms to celebration because a wonderful gift and teacher in my life is still learning and teaching.

Here’s to all who make a difference in the world by touching the lives of others with their gifts. AND may each us of continue to recognize and celebrate the gifts of the people behind the roles of wise ones and teachers, in whatever forms they appear, in all of our lives.

Happy Birthday, Dear Godmother

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