AND Enjoy The Music

February 2nd, 2014

 I was on hold yet again on the line of a favorite retailer while waiting to talk with someone in customer service. AND I realized how much I enjoyed the music. It was a wonderful piano instrumental.

In the moment, it became quite clear that I could either get frustrated that the world was not responding immediately and according to my schedule OR I could listen to the music. It was so beautiful as to offer me a pause in my day and a free meditation, while waiting to accomplish something else. AND the music could only be enjoyed if I let go of expectations for how I thought things should go and stopped to participate fully in how things were going in that moment.

Any resistance to what is merely produces stress, and more often frustration and impatience. It is an illusion to think that we control the pace at which life happens. Nature has its own rhythms. AND when we remind ourselves that we are a part of nature, we can stop to enjoy the rhythm and find the beauty in whatever is happening, releasing any expectations our overactive minds have otherwise conjured.

I have come to enjoy the music or comedic dialogue I encounter on various telephone systems, when I am put on hold. AND I find that I relax, laugh at myself, and celebrate the offering to get rid of the illusion that I am in charge, forever freed to be grateful that a wiser source than I is in charge of how and when things happen. Clearly, there are more moments for laughter and beauty, when we expect nothing and open to delight in what emerges.

So, the next time you find yourself on hold in life (literally or figuratively), maybe it will help to take a deep breath AND enjoy the music.

One Response to “AND Enjoy The Music”

  1. Adriana says:

    ….and living your life with your eyes and heart open to the great stories that happen around you is magic. Thanks Lou Ann to being, doing and saying it. Love. Adry

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