AND Choose Again

January 5th, 2014

With each New Year comes talk of whether to make resolutions for changes desired in the New Year. They usually come in the form of something we want to improve, rather than dreams we want to live. AND that got me thinking about the ways we measure our lives and choose our dreams.

Life doesn’t happen in years. It happens in moments. AND I wonder how much our focus on years causes us to miss life itself. We celebrate birthdays annually. Why not celebrate people in our lives and special moments when they happen, however frequently those moments appear?

I wonder how much more confident, filled with satisfaction and appreciation we might be if we noticed and celebrated the magic of the small things that occur in moments. What if we began by shortening the timeline for resolutions from year to day? AND then we might move to hours? AND who knows, over time, we might be so present as to celebrate moments of joy, gratitude, awe, wonder, and whatever else we begin to feel and notice?

We might dispel ourselves of the focus on annual resolutions (which usually don’t last a year anyway) and instead make the commitment to ourselves to consciously choose something to celebrate more frequently. Whatever else happens, consciously choosing to look for and celebrate what fills our hearts with regular practice will change our thinking, our ability to attract more beauty into our lives, and our ability to recognize the miracles happening in any given moment.

As I was shoveling snow yesterday in wind chills around or below zero degrees Fahrenheit, I was filled with the joy of being outside in the crisp air, almost total quiet as people stayed away from the beach and the sandpipers did not. AND I was also acutely aware of people who have no warm place to go on cold days, filling me with both compassion and gratitude for what I have. Today I will choose to notice again what gifts fill my life. AND if tomorrow I choose to do so, I will choose again. How about you?

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