AND Add Harmony

January 26th, 2014

 There are teachers who wander this earth and show up in people’s lives at the right moment. My Dad is one of them.

The simple wisdom of this man and other teachers like him is that he inherently understands that life happens and we do not control it. Some find this idea terrifying. They thrive on predictability and use an inordinate amount of energy expecting and requiring life to show up and people to behave and react in specific ways. Such people then live in a kind of scarcity where they anticipate all that might go wrong and internalize the fear of that happening.

What Dad does is harmonize. He focuses on what is working, rather than what is not. He does not give his energy to things he cannot change. Looking for how he can help a friend, share a moment, enjoy a laugh, and celebrate with others allows him to harmonize with what life brings him.

One eye can only see vague outlines of light. So he looks at life through the other one. Hearing aids magnify all sound, so when he wants to enjoy whatever he can hear without it, he sits closer to someone and enjoys whatever he can hear, with no concern for what he may be missing. He’ll tell you that he can’t run a marathon these days. He can get around. It just takes longer. So he gets to whistle longer as he does whatever he wants to help friends.

To celebrate with friends he helped pay for entertainment at a regular gathering, told people his birthday was coming up and was thrilled when over a hundred people came together. The fact that he misread the calendar (his birthday was a week later) was of no concern. He merely chuckled and decided to celebrate friends being together. AND he was thrilled to share the occasion with people he loves.

Life is the melody. It is already playing. We don’t control it. We can use all of our energy trying to drown out the music we don’t like, or refuse to hear the beat that is already present. Or we can listen carefully to the melody and rhythm and joyfully add our voice to harmonize with opportunities life presents, creating a richer experience effortlessly.

We all have these people in our lives. I am one of three daughters, many family members, and myriad friends of one particular teacher for whom I am most grateful. Thanks for teaching me to harmonize, Dad. Happy Birthday

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