AND Shine The Light For One And All

December 22nd, 2013

 The sky was dark; the snow was white

It fell in flakes, so pure and bright

No sound it made, yet filled my heart

With quiet beauty, a world apart


Connecting to something we can’t quite hold

Uplifting souls and lives untold

Each gift begins to materialize

In forms we may not recognize


Yet nature’s beauty does not stop

To wait for us onboard to hop

Instead, each star shines very bright

Reminding us to seek the light


It’s in the hearts and gentle touch

Of those we love so very much

It’s in each smile and twinkling eye

It’s in the sun up in the sky


It’s in our hearts and all around

It’s in the beauty of each new sound

Encircling all within its reaches

Compassion and gratitude are what it teaches


AND in this season of miracles and giving

It’s within the reach of all the living

To sing with joy AND radiance bright

Thank you for sharing this Christmas light


Extended throughout a sometimes-dark world

From many hearts the light unfurls

Reminding us all that we are here

To experience joy and share good cheer


AND whatever holidays you celebrate

Bring all your light to make them great

AND may each new snowflake that gently falls

Bring light and life to one and all


 Merry Christmas AND thank you for the light you shine

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