AND See The People Behind The Roles

December 29th, 2013

 So often today we find ourselves running at a crazy pace, measuring our lives by what we accomplish. In the middle of all this frenzy are the pleading eyes of someone who asks only to be seen or heard, asking to be freed from one more demand or expectation—to be valued and appreciated.

The invitation for each of us is to stop what we are doing AND be there, if only for a few minutes, to acknowledge the person behind the plea or request. That simple gift could change a moment, a day, or a life.

In a world where people are often stretched in ways that others cannot comprehend, extending a kindness can be a transformative gift. AND human kindness and generosity are gifts that every living being is capable of giving. Imagine what we could change, if we stopped long enough to see the people behind the roles, and to hear the pleas to feel valued and celebrated in a world that hardly pauses to catch its breath.

If we were to assume that people are doing the best they can with what they have in the moment, we might respond with more flexibility and compassion. AND in so doing, we would offer others the opportunity to feel seen and appreciated because we would truly see the person behind the role or task at hand. AND, in that very same moment, we would give ourselves the opportunity to let go of expectations, celebrate what is working, and recognize the gift that comes back to us when we respond with generosity and kindness.

As we close another year and ring in the new, may we pause to reflect on the gifts in our lives, the kindnesses extended, and the opportunities in the New Year to lead with compassion and generosity because we make the space in our own lives to see the people behind the roles.

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