AND Be That Light

December 1st, 2013

 With the end of November, we begin the holiday season in full swing. Lights appear magically on trees, rooftops, and in windows. Stores are open long hours to lure shoppers. People, who rarely send cards all year, write the annual missive or otherwise send holiday greetings to family and friends. The bell ringer and familiar red kettle appear at mall entrances. All manner of celebration occurs in office parties and social gatherings. AND people comment on how exhausting and overwhelming, sometimes even depressing, they find the season.

In the context of all this flurry and celebration, I wonder if we might consciously choose to focus on finding one activity, one moment, or one event to celebrate at a time. One candle in an otherwise dark home can bring a smile. One child’s glee or giggle expressed as she discovers some new delight can inspire a cascade of great feelings. One bell ringer’s smile when you deposit something in the kettle, regardless how generous or humble, can warm a heart and provide a connection in a sometimes disconnected world.

Sometimes, amid a cacophony of noise and events, we can get lost and miss all the magic. AND we can change that feeling of being overwhelmed by changing the foreground and background of what gets our attention. Instead of trying to take everything in, consider what might happen if we allow the busyness of the season to be the background for a conscious singular focus on some simple joy captured in some singular moment. The power and beauty of a singular focus on a simple moment that lights our heart and brings a smile can remove the stress and bustle by putting the magic of the season in perspective.

By focusing on one heartwarming moment and allowing ourselves to pause for a moment to fully experience its beauty; we experience the uniqueness of a singular snowflake, rather than the overwhelming implications of an entire storm. When the pause to focus on the moment brings the singular light to the foreground, we become more present. AND our present for being present is that we become a light for someone else to pause for a moment and experience the simple and real joys of the season.

This season, enjoy each moment with no pressure to capture any. Let the feeling of being overwhelmed fade into the background, overtaken by the singular heartwarming light that is strong enough to fill us up in any given moment. AND the invitation to be and to light that light for each other beckons each of us to enjoy and share the simple joys of the holiday season.

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