AND Reprioritize

November 17th, 2013

I had a list of things to do today. One item on the list was to go for a walk on the beach. I had given other items on the list higher priority. The same thing happened yesterday, and I was aware that I never did get around to taking a walk. As I was accomplishing the items on the list today, I noticed the clouds approaching. They looked rather ominous. If it rained, I might not walk the beach again today. I either needed to reprioritize my list and leave immediately or take my chances about whether it might rain.

In a quick moment, I stopped what I had planned to do, got ready, and left the house. The beach was calm and clear. The sun shone through the clouds and sparkled on the glassy blue waters. I immediately felt the calm and beauty of the moment. My own energy shifted to match the energy around me. Unburdened from a list of “to do’s,” I was engulfed in the beauty and peacefulness of the moment.

People who passed me smiled with ease. The entire walk in one direction was mostly in the sun. On the return, the sun was at my back, casting a shadow in front of me as I returned home. The clouds had thickened, yet breaks seemed to appear where the sun peeked through. At one point, I turned to walk towards the water and the sun seemed to kiss my cheek. I was immediately aware how completely present I was in that moment. In the quiet and peacefulness came clarity about what is truly important.

In the quick decision to reprioritize my list, I had chosen to prioritize one activity that reconnects me with beauty and health. So often we get fragmented trying to do everything we can that we don’t stop to make sure that the priorities in our lives support the highest and best of who we are. Only by pausing to connect with our heart’s wisdom about what truly matters, do we remember who we are AND choose actions that serve our best selves in real time.

Whatever it takes for each of us to reconnect with simplicity, beauty, and inner wisdom, it is worth stopping whatever we are otherwise doing to make that connection. That one connection puts what is important, what is true, in perspective. And with perspective, it is much easier to remember who we are and what is truly important in life. AND those are priorities worth honoring. Everything else on the list can wait or go away.

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