AND Choose Gratitude

November 24th, 2013

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday! I love that America has a holiday that is not commercially tainted. It is a time for being aware of the innumerable blessings gracing each of our lives. It is about sharing time with those we love, if we can. AND if we cannot be physically present to share the holiday, we can at least pause to acknowledge how much we are grateful for the friends, family, and other blessings in our lives.

With the awareness of how many ways our lives are touched each day with all kinds of beauty, kindness, and other blessings comes a deep humility. That humility reminds us to appreciate the vast riches of love, human generosity and kindnesses extended, beautiful sunrises, miracles of nature, and the unvarnished beauty in all kinds of acts and forms. Humility reminds us to focus on gratitude for abundance, rather than looking for what is lacking.

Gratitude is a choice. It is one way we can choose to respond to whatever life brings. AND it is our natural response when we humbly view life and its offerings as a gift. When we are not tied to expectations about what the gift is, how it appears, and from whom it comes, we are free to delight in and appreciate the wisdom of what appears.

If we show up for life as if we are sand on the shore, we humbly and gratefully open to whatever life (in the sand’s case, the ocean) deposits. Sometimes it is a storm that erodes our vast expanse. Sometimes it is seaweed. Sometimes we find a perfect shell. Other times broken shells. All are treasures, if we are not tied to what shows up. Faith, that living into joyful gratitude for whatever life brings and finding the treasure amid the barnacles creates the opportunity for us to live in a perpetual state of ease and gratitude.

AND doing so takes conscious intention to expect only miracles and celebrate whatever comes. It means being thankful for whatever appears and if we do not immediately know how to receive what appears as a gift, then we consciously pause until the gift in whatever does appear becomes clear.

Gratitude is a choice. AND I am grateful that we have chosen to celebrate a holiday called Thanksgiving where we pause to celebrate our many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. Sharon says:

    I am blessed for having you (and your weekly blog!) in my life!! (-:

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