AND Spell It Out

October 20th, 2013

 As the clouds thickened over the marsh, I decided to walk along the beach before they covered it as well. As I walked, I was struck by the absolute beauty around me. The waves rolled in with beautiful whitecaps. Despite cooler temperatures, people with rolled up pants and shoes in hands stood at the water’s edge. The sand was soft, easily welcoming footprints. Children played. And as I focused on the beauty around me, the light increased. The sun, which had been barely peeping though the clouds, emerged. Blue sky increased and seemed to swallow the clouds. In time, more light than clouds filled the blue sky.

And in those moments on the beach on a gorgeous fall day, I was reminded that the sun is always present behind the clouds. If we don’t feel its light or warmth, then perhaps it is because we are inviting clouds and clouded perspective by focusing on fears and doubts, reliving the past, or worrying about the future instead of focusing on finding the beauty of the present moment. The choice is ours in every moment to focus on the clouds or the light. In the moment of focusing our thoughts on beauty, our world changes.










Pause, get present, look for the light behind the clouds AND spell it out.

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