AND Listen For The Wisdom

October 13th, 2013

 Do you ever wake up with a song in your head? Do you ever stop to listen to what it might offer you?

I woke up this morning with the television jingle, “the touch, the feel of cotton…the fabric of our lives” playing in my head. AND rather than try to forget it, I stopped to ask myself a few questions.

What is the fabric of my life?

What are the threads woven together that make my life what I love?

Are there any threads woven into the fabric that don’t belong there?

Is my fabric clean or are their marks that diminish the beauty of the fabric?

Is the fabric strong enough to hold whatever might pull on it?

Is the fabric of my life worn threadbare in places that need attention or repair?

If the fabric needs cleaning to restore its vibrancy, does it also need fabric softener because it has lost its suppleness, its “give,” and become inflexible?

I marvel at the power and timing of small invitations, such as music playing in my head or animals that cross my path, or “throw away” comments made in my presence, that invite me to reflect on who I am in the moment and how I am investing my energy. I wonder it you do as well? AND what if the little things are exactly what serve the highest and best in us AND our challenge is to recognize them in forms that defy our expectations for how insight, wisdom, or clarity will (should!?) appear in our lives? Only then does whatever shows up be a place for wonder and awe and not a minor nuisance.

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