Constancy AND Change

September 1st, 2013

 I was noticing the changing beach. One week a ledge forms. The next week it is gone. At the beginning of the summer, piles of rocks blocked a clear path to the water. Now all are invisible, buried beneath changing sands or shifting to other parts of the beach.

Children play in newly formed pools every day. Sand bars appear and disappear. With the beginning of the school year, the crowds thin and the beauty of nature appears more fully. It is fascinating to think about the fact that nature offers new and changing patterns, each beautiful in its way, whether we notice or not. The show goes on naturally, at its own pace.

Are we present to appreciate the offerings before us? Do we become so attached to the ones that please us that we become attached to their staying around instead of appreciating them for whatever time they grace our lives?

With the constant change of sand patterns, footsteps appear and disappear. The ocean dumps seaweed and takes it away. AND in all of the change, the ocean ebbs and flows with a completely predictable pattern of high and low tides, reminding us that we are part of both the constancy AND ongoing change of all living things.

How much anxiety might we simply release by looking for what shifts from day to day AND what is constant? How might we stop resisting daily shifts in our lives, appreciating how new relationships, activities, and surroundings continually present themselves after others go away? What could change if we noticed what is constant AND what is changing AND chose to celebrate both?

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