AND Stay Tuned For The Magic

September 15th, 2013

 As I was walking the beach this morning, the waves brought lots of foam from the storms at sea. They came rushing in, changing the landscape of sand patterns as they ebbed and flowed. I found myself noticing how I was also changed by the sound, feel, and beauty of the waves. Any worries or preoccupations of the mind simply washed out as the waves filled me.

AND the waves got me thinking about people and situations that touch our lives and change them. A wonderful woman named Dina lost her battle with cancer this week. She played many roles in life—friend, wife, mother, boss, coworker, employee, daughter, and so on. AND beneath all the roles was a wonderful spirit with a quick laugh, warm brown eyes, and a generous hand for those in need. I found myself reflecting on how she left a piece of her with those she touched and allowed herself to be touched by others.

In another situation, a dear aunt was scheduled for hip surgery. The surgery didn’t happen because an irregular heartbeat made the surgery too dangerous. The gift of finding the irregular heartbeat among those most able to help is unmistakable. What appeared to be routine became unique and changed the chain of events to follow. Those with the capacity to help are getting to do so and my aunt gets to be cared for both inside and outside the hospital in ways both tangible and ethereal.

In yet another situation, four different registrants for a conference dropped out for one reason or another. Their reservations were nonrefundable. AND miraculously, four new and different attendees emerged, each grateful for an opportunity that had not existed only hours before.

So often we think we know why we meet people, engage in certain situations, or why things seem to happen, only to notice that, with time, there is often a different reason or effect than what we had planned or imagined. People wander in and out of our lives, as we wander in and out of theirs. Organizations restructure and bosses change. Jobs are redefined and shift. AND if we stay open to noticing what qualities are evoked in us, and wait with the change for the gift to appear, the gifts can emerge.

It means letting go of expectations. It means being open and receptive to how and when things happen (or don’t). It means living in a state of childlike wonder and awe at what is presenting itself at any moment. It means letting go of heaviness and the illusion of control. AND it means that we are free to be touched by and to touch others in ways that we might not otherwise recognize. AND that is magical.

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  1. Morgan says:

    for so many reasons….thank you.

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