AND Sharing Is Its Own Agenda

September 8th, 2013

 The crowds that descend on the beaches have dissipated as kids returned to school and the weather has gotten a bit cooler. I notice a marked difference in the people who walk the beach in the off-season. They appear to want eye contact. In the smallest of gestures—a head nod, a smile, a wave—they acknowledge other walkers.

AND in those moments of shared greetings I experience a sense of shared humanity, pleasantness extended for no reason other than to share the experience of being on the same beach at the same moment. I love that the simplest activities can be so enriching. No agenda. No need to analyze what someone is meaning by her or his action. Just a smile. A signal of safe passage and shared place in that moment on the beach.

When there is no crowd, it is easy to see and acknowledge the individuals. That is true in any environment. Yet, we are a country of consumers, more bent on consuming more than in sharing simple moments and in recognizing the power and peace from doing so. For me, the beach is infinitely more beautiful without all the people on it.

In the off-season, the beauty of nature produces awe in those who stop to experience it. The sea is mesmerizing and changing every moment, offering something new to appreciate. The sand is inviting. I found myself walking in the water except when my doing so would cause the sandpipers to move from eating at the water’s edge. It is so easy to share when we slow down, remove schedules, and appreciate moments. The simple things become more important. AND the illusion of roles we play in life, busyness that crowds out our perception of what is truly important and life giving melt away in the moments experienced in nature.

We are living in times where staying connected to what is real matters for us as individuals and for the communities we create together. Getting caught up in other people’s agendas is draining and the opposite of life giving. Getting caught up in our own agendas and measuring our importance and impact by the busyness of those agendas, as if that were the only sane option, disconnects us from what is real and draws us into a world of illusion.

Life happens in moments. No big bangs. Moments. AND we are either present to share the show or caught up in a world that is happening only between our two ears. Nature has no agenda. It just is. AND we are invited to share in the reality of present moments. There are no analytics required. No academic degrees or social standing or positions of authority. Only being present and open. AND in those moments sharing is easy. The potential of living a vibrant and grateful life presents itself with absolute clarity.  The only agenda is to be present AND to share the moment.

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