AND Play Together In Community

September 22nd, 2013

I was privileged to join a wonderful group of women this week. They came from Australia, Holland, East and West Coast of the US, and from communities of all kinds. They brought the richness of their unique cultural heritage and a wealth of life experience. They spanned five decades and different social classes. They came with different gifts, wants, and needs. When they began, they did not know more than a few others in the gathering.

AND they discovered, through sharing of stories, open hearts to hearing and seeing each other, that they share many dreams. AND at the core of it all was the recognition that we all have gifts to give and that they come in different forms. AND when judgment, expectations, and labels go away, what remains is the love and wisdom that can heal individuals, communities, and potentially a planet.

What I loved was that with each new discovery and insight, came more and deeper laughter and sharing. AND as the group came together and got to know each other, playfulness, wonder, and awe permeated the room.

We often search for big changes and clarity about what will happen in the future. What we experienced over these days together was the power of many individual moments that each shed light and beauty and collectively joined many hearts. The future was not the focus. The present moment was.

The experience of connection, discovery, and community is open and accessible to all who choose to say YES to the invitation to show up with an open heart to people who enter their lives with whatever gifts they bring. AND play with whatever shows up. Many thanks to all who are saying yes to the invitation, because each one is a light for self and others.

2 Responses to “AND Play Together In Community”

  1. Nancy says:

    Fantastic! YES, that and so much more. I am honored and blessd to have been part of the experience.

  2. ...charlene says:

    Gratitude to all who played; to Lou Ann, Rosie, Collette and Lynn for sharing their gifts…we all shared…the “wonderfull” part of playing…rediscovering what we probably knew “you are loved…and so are they”…co-creating love, joy and peace wherever you are <3

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