AND Nature Knows

August 25th, 2013

I am amazed by how nature announces changing seasons like clockwork. One day is sticky, hot, and humid and the next is totally different. The cool crisp air that arrived in the past week or two signaled that summer is drawing to an end, just as children head back to school.

The cycles continue to present themselves as we watch changing skies and breathe the cooler, less humid air. Children continue to run into the ocean, as if to grab the last waves before summer vacations end, even as the cooler winds prevail.

I love that every day presents something new, whether we are paying attention or not. No technology is needed to tell us when it is time to sleep or awaken.The cycles of daylight and night are as regular as the ebb and flow of the ocean. And in the natural rhythms lie the signals of healthy choices that are life supporting, rather than life depleting. Vacations that support slowing down and reenergizing are clearly life supporting. And then there is the pace of activity that comes with the end of summer.

Amidst the crazy overpacked schedules of activity in the work and school day, we may miss both the beauty and calming effect of life’s natural rhythms. As summer comes to an end and autumn prepares to dazzle us with beautiful color, cool nights, and crisp air, it just might be time to pause, breathe fully, and align our own rhythms with those of nature. Healthy beginnings are always possible with the endings they follow. AND, thankfully, nature knows the way.

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