AND Have Life Abundantly

August 18th, 2013

 The seal for Wheaton College (MA) carries the message, May they have life and have it abundantly. The message is a wonderful reminder to channel our energies in ways that are life enriching rather than life draining. Doing so serves not only our own life. It also serves all of life in ways we may not be aware in the moment.

Our choice to live into our potential is about finding and choosing what is life giving. AND the ability to have more of what is life giving, the more we invest in life, is open to all who consciously choose life.

On any given day we are invited to channel our energy with people and situations in ways that make us feel more alive and grateful to be alive. Not choosing such responses often results in channeling our energies and gifts in ways that result in our feeling tired, overwhelmed, or drained of our life force. The tendency to give our power to other people and situations to determine our happiness doesn’t serve any of us. It creates a sense of feeling trapped, being without choice, or victimized. Rather than investing in life and living it abundantly, we find ourselves struggling to “get through” and fighting for scraps of life.

Once given life, we are all the creators of all of our responses to whatever life presents us. AND our responses either add more light and life to the planet or diminish our own and others’ light. In every interaction, we are invited to consciously choose a response, whether an emotion, verbal reply, or other action, that is life giving and to know that by so doing, we attract to us more opportunities to have life and have it abundantly.

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