AND slow down

July 21st, 2013

┬áThe weather in parts of the country has been oppressively hot. It was not just the temperature of the beating sun. The humidity blocked the beautiful breezes and clear healthy air from showing up, even at the usually breezy sea coasts. And in such heat healthy choices often don’t match what we had planned to do for the day.

I suppose we could try to resist the conditions in order to maintain the usual frenzy of activity and get through lists of planned “to do’s.” At what cost? Sometimes the best we can do is to simply slow down to acknowledge that something more powerful than we are is sending another message. Slow down. Within the context of unhealthy air indices and oppressive temperatures, what makes sense?

The context within which we find ourselves acts like a frame on a picture. Pictures that might be enhanced in one frame are overwhelmed or out of place in another. The weather is a kind of frame that can enhance some activities or fight with others. While one part of the country was sweltering, I found myself on the other coast where the temperatures some days never got out of the 50’s or low 60’s. I noticed how no one went in the water, even though they were vacationing at the beach. Instead they turned to flying kites in the day and sitting around bonfires at night.

In whatever conditions we find ourselves, there is always the invitation to fight the frame or let go of plans AND slow down to choose whatever activities make sense in the context where we find ourselves. Maybe a nice glass of ice tea, a good book, or a nap will replace the crazy pace until the winds shift?

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