AND Listen For Beauty In The Breeze

July 14th, 2013

 I recently bought a set of wind chimes that I absolutely love. Having listened to many and thought about buying them for awhile, I finally chose a melodic set and hung them. What surprises me is how much peace and delight they bring. The music they create is just beautiful AND I never know when they will play.

Whether solar chimes or wind chimes, the sounds gently ring in the breeze or more solidly play in stronger winds. AND a gust can arrive at any time. They are a great tool for keeping me present because I never know when they will be playing or which notes will be playing most prominently. I only know that when they show up, their music is always beautiful. As a result, I find myself smiling and feeling very grateful whenever I hear them.

In a world where our thoughts distract us constantly, obsessions overtake our peace, and multiple sources of external noise clamor for our attention, I am grateful for beautiful music that reminds me to listen for the beauty in the wind. It is always a welcome gift.

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