AND Thanks To You Dad

June 16th, 2013

 I re-read last year’s entry for Father’s Day and found that I marvel just as much today as a year ago. My Dad continues to be an inspiration to me and the many people whose lives he touches every day. So, in the spirit of recycling what is perfectly usable, I offer the following “reprint” with thanks to my Dad.

I am fascinated by how one person living from the heart can make such a positive impact on so many people. My Dad has been the perfect teacher for me for my entire life, AND as near as I can tell, for many other family members and friends, as well. When I was little, he told me that it never made sense to him that people would get upset with each other and be frustrated and angry, only to eventually find humor in the situation days or months later. “Why waste the time being angry,” he used to say, “when you can laugh in the moment something happens?”

His clarity about the importance of family and friends is unwavering. It is as evident to me today as when I was little. My mother once found him on a neighbor’s roof during a snow storm many years after he had retired from the fire department. She called to him to get down and asked what he was doing up there. The reply was simple. He didn’t want the old people to get hurt, so he was clearing the snow and ice from their gutter. My Mother’s response was classic, simply replying, “You are the old people! And of course, he laughed, whistled his way back down the ladder and went about his way.

Kind words are within the reach of the humblest. Simple offers of help the same. The teachers who walk this earth living from these mantras are the fabric of healthy families and societies. They are the giants on whose shoulders we can stand to offer our gifts. AND what if all that is asked of us is to see, celebrate, and live into the gifts they bestow every day. AND then ask ourselves how we can honor their gifts by stepping into our own.

Father’s Day is a great time to say thank you, a great time to marvel at the heroes in our lives who touch the lives of so many with their gifts, a great time to recognize those who have taught us about life, and a great time to celebrate those who continue to do so–just by BEING in this world.

Thank you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day

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