AND Teachers Are Everywhere

June 23rd, 2013

A little dog came to visit this week (and brought my family with her). Although only six pounds, she eats whenever anyone will feed her. AND she acts as though no one has ever fed her before.

If I open the refrigerator or place a plate on the counter, she is at my feet in a flash. If I forget that she is in the house because she is in her crate and I am preparing food, she whines continuously. AND I find I get an absolute kick out of her persistence, forlorn-puppy look, and big brown eyes that seem to plead to be seen and fed.

I love that she does not give up. It does not matter what happened a minute, hour, or day ago. The only relevance is now. She comes back for more food or love, even if she has been scolded just a minute before.

AND she is, for me, a wonderful teacher. Unlike a woman who looks outside for approval and doesn’t get it, she behaves as if she knows she is cute and if I don’t respond well, clearly I need to be reminded just how adorable she is. No loss of confidence when things don’t go her way. No focus on the past. No time or energy spent analyzing whether I am displeased with her or otherwise preoccupied. What could we learn from this adorable teacher?

As schools let out for the summer and our teachers get some well deserved time off, it might be a good time to open our eyes to whatever or whoever is in our environment. There just might be a few lessons to remind us of our Best Selves. AND if we are not tied to how the teachers appear, we will find them everywhere.

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