AND Stay Connected To What Is Real

June 9th, 2013

 This week seemed to be a crazy week for many clients. A great deal of activity was occurring and very little of it made sense, in terms of getting things accomplished with ease. Many clients are experiencing a lot of activity around them these days. They report that it is not clear to them in the moment what is mere distraction and what is truly important.

It is a great time, when things seem crazy and the activity level is just too much, to do whatever it takes to step back AND gain perspective on what is truly important and what is mere distraction. Things that are about supposed to and ought to are typically a distraction from what is truly important. The supposed to’s are about role expectations, focusing our attention on doing. When we get lost in these role expectations, we can easily become humans doings instead of remembering that we are human beings.

As is usually the case when things seem crazy, we are offered, at the same time, an example of what truly is important in life, what is real. I was offered a couple of clear examples of what is real recently. One was a beautiful moment in a wedding ceremony where a beaming mother looked on with love as her daughter took her vows. Time stood still. The love that shone from the mother’s eyes and the smile on her face were a beautiful reminder that what matters in a world of details during the planning for and actual wedding ceremony are the moments of shared celebration and love. Everything else, while nice, is merely distraction.

The other example occurred while I was looking out the window of my friend’s home, where I was staying. As I looked out the window, I watched as a beautiful two year old was lovingly strapped into a tractor by his grandfather. I next witnessed the two as the grandfather was again strapping the child into the tractor as he held one ripe strawberry in each hand. The delight and contentment on the child’s face was palpable, as was the love in the grandfather’s eyes. Nothing was more important than the moment the two shared in the tractor.

The moments of shared humanity and love are real. The myriad details that make things “perfect” are not. AND if life is so busy that we cannot tell whether what is taking our attention is mere distraction or what life is all about, then it is time to step back and do nothing until that distinction is clear. Because it matters in this world that conscious people do what it takes to stay connected to what truly matters. AND it matters that we do what it takes every day to stay connected to what is real.

One Response to “AND Stay Connected To What Is Real”

  1. carolyn says:

    Thanks for the reminder to step back – such an easy step yet when I am whirling in it all I often don’t make the time to take that step back and remain connected to what my heart knows.

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