AND Offer Your Song Anyway

June 2nd, 2013

I was walking between appointments today AND was stopped by the beautiful song of a bird perched on a telephone wire. It was a tiny bird with a most wonderful song. AND it got me thinking about an old Albanian proverb that a colleague had given me over thirty years ago.

It goes like this: Do a good deed and plunge it into the sea. If the fish don’t recognize it, God will. The simple wisdom of reminding ourselves that doing what feels true cannot be done with expectation of any result. Rather, the gift of our truth, when shared without expectation from the heart is an offering. AND true offerings come with no strings attached.

We often can’t know the effects of our gifts. Merely offering them can be enough to inspire others to see in themselves what they have to give. AND I tell myself that the beautiful birdsong was offered because the bird chose to sing. AND with no expectations, I was probably even more delighted to receive the serenade—precisely because I wasn’t expecting it.

What gifts have touched you in a way that you feel inspired to do the same? AND even if no one is looking or listening, what would it take for you to offer yours? You never know the power of the simplest gifts when offered from a pure heart.

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